Sutra Studios

Dance Laboratory & Yoga Center

Established in May 2015 by Himani Sharma, Sutra Studios is a Dance Laboratory & Yoga Center. Here experiments are done on various dance forms such as Contemporary Dance, Mayurbhanj Chhau, and blends of Yogic poses. Sutra Studios works primarily with underprivileged children, and its dance troupe consists solely of young girls drawn from a NGO called Karam Marg in Faridabad. This troupe has several performances to its credit as well as workshops in yoga.

2018 Himani also choreographed a theater production "Shastra Santan" for the International Theater Festival "Bharatiya Rang Mahotsav". This theater piece was showcased across India under the banner of this festival. In the December of 2018 itself, Sutra Studios and its dancers presented three different contemporary dance performances at Central Park in Connnaught Place for the Delhi Art Festival “Ambrotsaav” organized and hosted by the New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC). Sutra Studios has also organized various dance evening across the NCR such as the India Habitat Center (IHC), the National School of Drama (NSD) etc.

For Himani, the main purpose of providing these youngsters professional dance training is to empower them to find alternate livelihood paths and strengthen the cultural fabric of our nation. Himani Sharma started her dance career as a dancer with the Bhoomika Creative Dance Company, where she did many dance productions choreographed by dance maestros Bharat Sharma & Tripura Kashyap, representing Bhoomika at various platforms across India. She has received training of contemporary dance under the guidance of Pt. Narendra Sharma and has participated in many dance festivals, both at the national as well as international level, like the Russian Dance Festival in Moscow & St. Petersburg, International Dance Festival in Leon France, Khajrahao Festival, Kalaghoda Festival Mumbai, Delhi International Art Festival (DIAF), Chaitra Parav at Mayurbhanj, Orissa etc.