Ruchita Sharma

Ruchita Sharma

CHRO, Guardian Life Insurance, India

An HR professional with almost two decades of experience working in a multicultural environment leading & managing teams across the globe. A firm believer of ‘change is the only constant in life’, Ruchita has led various capacity / capability building projects, often in a dynamic industry & organizational environment.

She passionately believes that one must learn, unlearn and relearn in the current business world. Working with CXOs she has been a key enabler in ensuring that HR, does earn and retain a seat at the decision-making table in the organization in diverse cultural environments; while maintaining strong ethical and cultural values. One approach that she really believes is for any issue is fixing the cause side of the problem rather than giving symptomatic solutions (or what you call killing the noise).

Ruchita excels in the art of balancing business priorities and people priorities and considers challenges to be the fun part of her job. Over the years she has become the go to person or the sounding board for top CXOs. Being an inclusive leader, she considers diversity as an essential ingredient of building a great culture in which employees feel respected for their individuality.

Ruchita can be rightly called a technology evangelist but a balanced one at that! She firmly believes that challenge in front of HR in this digitally disruptive environment remains quintessentially the same, having a good grasp of fundamentals will create an eco-system conducive to effective problem solving. She is a leader who believes that talent is differentiated by the ability to learn and develop. She also believes automation, various models of employment and evolving policies with changing times is the biggest differentiator any company has today.

Key Focus Areas:
• Change Management & Thought Leadership
• Various HR growth and transformation projects
• Organizational Design and restructuring initiatives
• Strategic Partner and Employee Champion