Rajesh Balaji

Rajesh Balaji S

HR Head at Standard Chartered GBS India

S. Rajesh Balaji is currently HR Head at Standard Chartered GBS India, a 20,000-people strong organization. He is responsible for the company’s people agenda, which includes development, culture, engagement, change management, and organizational design. Rajesh has over two decades of HR experience in diverse industries including manufacturing, IT, financial services, and banking and has spent a significant portion of his career in Singapore, Africa, and Europe. He believes this multicultural experience has helped him develop a strong global mindset.

Rajesh is a calculated risk taker coupled with a strong intuition. He has contributed to develop core business strategies during his tenure in Singapore and UK, that resulted in significant revenue growth for the organisation.

Rajesh is an active member of the National HRD Network and NASSCOM and has represented these bodies in meetings with the government. His future goal is to work toward the development of the underprivileged, particularly children.

On the personal side, Rajesh is passionate about running and he is a sincere coach for young kids on long distance running on beach sand. Rajesh is married to Prathima and have 2 lovely sons by name Ronith Balaji and Parthiv Balaji

Rajesh Holds Masters Degree in Human Resource Management and Executive Leadership Program at Said Business School, Oxford University.