Abhijit Bhaduri

Jaideep Agarwal

Managing Director, Deloitte India

Jaideep Agarwal leads HR Shared Services (HRSS) for Deloitte. He has over 23+ years of experience in transformation of service operations in markets of US, UK and India. He has significant expertise in areas of managed services for HRO, F&A and Supply Chain across industry segments.

Jaideep is a very versatile and strategic leader who has created a niche for himself in the Shared Services world. He has created world class delivery organizations for in-house centers (captives) and Third party service providers, and has helped organizations save millions of dollars in the process. He is a critical thinker and has a very analytical mind. His ability to identify patterns which help drive Continuous process improvements is commendable. His ability to think 'Big Picture' while staying focused on operational details makes him a unique leader. He makes business processes easier by enabling technology, which has been a key source of his strength.

His focus on people and their wellness makes him a very popular leader - he helps people realize their true potential by identifying their strengths and enabling them to utilize those strengths fully. He is a change leader who leads from the front.