Prithvi Shergill

Arjuna Sirinanda

Managing Director – Fortude (A Brandix Company)

Arjuna has over 22 years' experience in Enterprise Application Services initially focused on the Fashion industry and later diversifying into Food, Manufacturing and Healthcare industries.

He founded Brandix i3 in 2012 for the Brandix Group. Since then he has grown the company from a team of 45 into a team of over 250 spread across the US, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and Australia, across diverse industries such as Apparel, Food and Healthcare. Prior to that, he was a Global Director at Attune Consulting, an SAP Apparel and Footwear Consulting Partner which he helped to grow from its roots, from 1997. He was involved in growing many facets of its’ global business including Consulting, Operations Management, Program Management, Change Management, Business Development and Marketing. He also set up its Product and Off-shore Support teams.

Fortude's business philosophy centers around delivering technology solutions that provide significant long-term value to its customers. Arjuna believes that this kind of impact can only be achieved by focusing on the continuous development and growth of the global talent pool at Fortude, and differentiating them not only by their values, competencies and technical skills but also by their drive to always deliver solutions that matter.