SHRM India Annual Conference & Expo 2018
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SHRM India Annual Conference & Expo2018

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The SHRM India Annual Conference & Expo is your biggest platform to gain a competitive edge and engage with winners across the globe. While providing an opportunity to interact with business community at large, the seventh #SHRMIAC ensures that you stay abreast with the driving factors of all business units. Being the most premium HR event in the subcontinent, the conference ensures your presence amongst the top thought leaders from across the globe who share key insights, best practices and equip you with tools that will propel you to become a winner.

The 'SHRM India HR Excellence Awards', hosted on the first evening, recognizes organisations across categories of HR Excellence to celebrate organisations that put their employee's interests first! Soak in the city's history and experience the pulse of India's capital - New Delhi.

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Day 1 | October 11, 2018

Inauguration & Welcome Address

Welcome note by Achal Khanna
Achal Khanna
Achal KhannaCEO, SHRM India and Business Head - APAC & MENA

Opening Keynote Address | The 8 Steps to High Performance: How to Thrive

Marc's keynote speech will inspire the audience to thrive as he shares the scientific proof and practical guidance about how to be a high performer. In this very interactive presentation, Marc will share the 8 Steps to high performance from his new Harvard book and help the audience to assess themselves and create an individual plan to be a higher performer. The key sections will include:
• The Good News and the Bad News about High Performance
• The Fixed 50 and Flexible 50: Why you should only focus on what you can change?
• The 8 Steps (describe each, why it matters and do a quick assessment for each one)
• How to Create Your 8 Steps Action Plan?
Workplace Application: Get practical guidance on how to thrive to be a high performer in today's workplace context
Marc Effron
Marc EffronPresident, Talent Strategy Group

CEO Speaks


CEO Conversations | The CEO Perspective: How the Best Make It Happen!

In this session, we converse with forward thinking CEOs on how they have leveraged the people function to drive business success through world-class human resources.
Workplace Application: Gain insights into what CEOs expect from HR teams and how HR can support them
Nick Schacht
Nick Schacht, SHRM-SCP,Chief Global Development Office
Arjuna Sirinanda
Arjuna SirinandaCEO - Fortude
Sanjay Verma
Sanjay VermaDivisional VP - PTC

Expert Speak | Search for Greatness

Several jobs in this world are dependent on human judgement to identify the right person. No more is this true than in the HR space. However, there are challenges when we use human judgement to make these decisions. Join us as we explore the intricacies of the human decision-making process and share ways for you to identify and combat the imperfections and inconsistencies in your recruiting process. Helping you to find the right-fit employees and advance your organization's search for greatness is the key outcome of this session!
Workplace Application: Gain tips to ensure your hiring process is designed to hire the best potential - job - organization fit
Carmen Bryant
Carmen BryantDirector, US Marketing -

Mindfulness for Stress Management and Work-Life Integration

Mindfulness as a topic is being extesively gaining importance and its application at workplaces has increased over the last couple of years. Studies have proven the impact of stress on work - life integration and the overall productivity levels within an organization. Join this session to deep - dive into this aspect of Mindfulness and how organziations can create a more positive work environment for its major stakeholders - the Employees!
Workplace Application: Understand how to leverage mindfulness in workplace interventions to ensure a happy work environment

Optimizing for Organisational Growth: Role of Innovation & Technology

In this session our panel of CEOs will share their views on the critical role of Technology and Innovation towards Optimizing for Organisational Growth
Rajesh Padmanabhan
Rajesh PadmanabhanGroup CHRO, Welspun Group
Aditya Malik
Aditya MalikCEO, Talent Edge
Mukul Jain
Mukul JainCEO, Hono HR

Lunch & Networking

AI in HR: Augmenting Performance and Productivity

Be it virtual assistance, patient diagnosis or hiring, AI has amplified human intelligence by providing fast and accurate analysis of large datasets. Know how AI powered HR systems are impacting people productivity – in HR and the larger organization.
Arjun Pratap
Arjun PratapFounder & CEO, Edge network

Competitive Reward Strategies Making a Difference at Workplace


Digital Wellbeing: Finding your own Balance!


I0T for workforce Effectiveness

Modernizing HR by bringing IOT to Enterprises for enabling data-driven decisions about Employee's presence--Including measurement and thus management.
Siddhartha Gupta
Siddhartha GuptaFounder & CEO, Blue Dolphin

Maximizing the Outcomes of Learning Management: Strategies & What's Possible?


Retaining & Engaging Strategies for Millennials: Leveraging their fullest Potential!

By 2020 more than 65% of the workforce is expected to be Millennials. With the rapid growth leading to a large influx of younger population more specifically the Millennials into the workforce, it has become imperative for organizations to relook at their practices / processes and realign them to the changing business and employee needs. Changing dynamics, demographics, expectations, needs and styles of work related to the new generation have dawned upon many business leaders and dealing with these changes specifically w.r.t recruiting, managing and retaining this Millennials' generation has emerged as one of the main issues for leaders today.
Workplace Application: Learn strategies on how to leverage Millennials' fullest potential at workplace.
Andrew Mitchell
Dr. Andrew MitchellCEO, Rewardian
KS Bakshi
KS BakshiGroup CHRO, Interglobe
Sukhjit Pasricha
Sukhjit PasrichaChief of HR & Admin, Bajaj Finserve

Hiring Landscape in the Gig economy

As the world of work continues to transition, the emergence of the gig economy has been phenomenal. Established infrastructure coupled with operational flexibility is driving this change and the growth figures are impressive. At the same time, corporates are constantly challenged with Independent Contractor Compliance, growing demand for work stability and a potential leak of their 'in-the-works' initiatives to competitors. So, how did part-time work, zero-hours contracts and independent contracting become the new normal? And what does it mean for the future of work? Discussion on the gig economy has been hugely diverse. Some praise its innovative use of technology to facilitate on-demand needs, while others question the sustainability and fairness of working conditions. Strategic sustenance is key to emerge victorious in this level playing field. Your success with talent and its optimal utilization will be determined by the processes and safeguards you incorporate to attract and retain that talent.
Workplace Application: Understand benefits and strategies for hiring Gig workers
Manmohan Bhutani
Manmohan BhutaniCOO India Region, ACS Group
Sushma Rajagopalan
Sushma RajagopalanMD & CEO, ITC Infotech
Jaideep Agarwal
Jaideep AgarwalMD, Deloitte India
(Offices of the US)
Biplob Banerjee
Biplob BanerjeeExec VP HR & CSR
Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd

Deciphering the Digital Code: What it means for HR?


Tea & Networking

Panel Discussion | Breaking the Barriers of Unconscious Bias

According to Neuroleadership Institute, if you have a brain you are biased! Amongst the different kind of biases that exist, the most common one is that of "hidden bias". Such a bias often surfaces in the workplace when people are drawn to others who share the same hobbies or pursuits, creating an affinity that can affect resume-screening and career advancement. From intolerant jokes, to disparaging comments, to exclusion from meetings-workplace bias takes different forms, according to a study released in 2017. Judith Honesty, CEO of Honesty Consulting in Chicago, and David Maxfield, vice president of research at VitalSmarts, a leadership training company in Salt Lake City, conducted a study of 500 people, out of which 66% of them indicated that they experienced biased treatment which had a large impact on their morale, motivation, commitment, and desire to advance in the organization. Whatever shape bias takes, it erodes productivity and engagement. Moreover, a 2014 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that managers of both sexes were twice as likely to hire a man as they were to hire a woman.

Join this session to hear from experts on how to stop this Unconscious bias becoming a significant barrier to creating an inclusive environment where a diverse workforce can thrive! Workplace Application: Identify the barriers to unconscious bias and ways to overcome them across the employee life cycle
Raj Raghavan
Raj RaghavanSenior VP, Head of HR
IndiGo (InterGlobe Aviation Ltd)
Shalini Sarin
Dr Shalini SarinHead Global CSR, Chair Signify Foundation &
Advisor Signify Solar & BoP business
Shraddhanjali Rao
Shraddhanjali RaoVice President HR, SAP India
Aditya Kohli
Aditya KohliSVP & Head Core HR,
Bharati Airtel

The THRIVE with EVP Quiz


SHRM Special Session | UNWOMAN By: Urban Suburban Productions

This 7 minute dramatic production by Urban Suburban Productions holds up a mirror to the kind of woman who shuts her mind and heart to the pain of others because of her gender. The type who refuses to stand up for other women.
She is The UNWOMAN. Indeed, before demanding a 'He for She' movement, what about starting with 'She for She'...
Gagan Sethi
Gagan SethiFormer CEO, Business (India) &
Chairperson Srilanka Ops, JLL
Venessa Ohri
Venessa OhriFreelance Creative Consultant &
Theatre Personality
Ruby Kapoor
Ruby KapoorCo-Founder
Urban Suburban Productions
Farah Singh
Farah SinghCo-Founder
Urban Suburban Productions

Beyond Section377 - is Corporate India LGBT Inclusive?

Sarika Bhattacharyya
Sarika BhattacharyyaCEO, BD Foundation
Ashok Row Kavi
Ashok Row KaviJournalist & Founder-Chairperson
Humsafar Trust

Closing Session | Trump Card

Writer and polymath Pavan Varma offers incisive insights into Hinduism and the Great Indian Middle Class. And how to play them right
Pavan Varma
Ambassabor Pavan VarmaFormer Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)
National General Secretary and National Spokesperson of JD(U)
Shoma Chaudhury
Shoma ChaudhuryAward-winning Indian Journalist
Editor, and Political Commentator

HR Excellence Awards Presentation & Gala evening

An evening filled with Glamour, Fun and Celebration, where we honour excellence in HR Practices across multiple categories at the most prestigious and coveted Awards in HR.
We also have a great lineup of evening entertainment, with an opening act by Tatva dance Troupe, from Amity University. The 'HR's Got Talent' finalists fight for the top spot.
Hold on to your seats! And get ready ready for a laugh riot with Stand-Up Comedian Vikramjit Singh.

Day 2 | October 12, 2018

Welcome Address

Keynote Address | Thriving with Innovation

A Mechanical Engineer by education, Sonam is more famous for his work in education reform for more than 27 years. In 1988, just after he finished his engineering studies he founded SECMOL (Students' Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh), which aims to bring reforms in the government school system in Ladakh. Through SECMOL, he has changed the face of Government Education in Ladakh. His Passion is Innovation - and that's what he teaches at SECMOL.

Sonam Wangchuk has been widely recognized with several awards and titles such as The GQ Men Of The Year Award for Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 in India, The Rolex Award for Enterprise 2016 in Hollywood USA, The Terra Award 2016 for World's best Earth Buildings in Lyon France, The UNESCO Chair for Earth Architecture for India in 2014, 'Real Heroes' Award by CNN IBN Channel in 2008, 'Green Teacher' Award by Sanctuary Asia Magazine in 2005, Ashoka Fellowship by Ashoka: Innovators for the Public in 2002, 'Man of the Year' by The Week magazine in India in 2001 and the Governors Medal by the J&K State Government in 1996. He has inspired the famous character of Aamir Khan in the block buster hit: 3 Idiots
Sonam WangchukInnovator. Education Reformist. Founder - SECMOL

Tea & Networking Break

Leveraging Data for building Agile Organizations


Leveraging Conflict to Drive Success

Conflict – A word that doesn't necessarily arouse very positive emotions at the mere mention of it! Everywhere we are trying to minimize conflicts, reduce dissonance and restore the feelings of happiness. We experience conflict when our self-worth is threatened. But what if conflict could be looked at positively? Have you ever wondered if all conflict is bad? What if a healthy conflict could be the bedrock for innovation? Conflict, sometimes indicates something more meaningful than just a negative emotion or a difficult situation. It can be indicative of a hidden problem that needs to be resolved. In an organization conflict could be just the tip of the iceberg for a situation which demands greater attention and when identified early can save a lot of damage in the future.
A healthy conflict or a difference of opinion in team signifies diversity of thought and collaboration which is fuelled by taking diverse ideas into perspective as against consensus building through group-thinking. In this panel discussion, explore various facets of a conflict and learn how to leverage it to drive successful results.
Workplace Application: How to leverage conflicts at workplace for advantage, creative thinking and greater business outcomes?

HRs role in creating a high risk culture


Thriving in a Disrupted Future

in 2015 John Thomas Chambers, then CEO of Cisco Systems predicted that '40 per cent of businesses (today) will not exist in a meaningful way in 10 years.' In Aug 2017 a Credit Suisse stude shared that "The average age of a company listed on the S&P 500 has fallen from almost 60 years old in the 1950s to less than 20 years currently," Technologies like artificial intelligence, Robotics, block chain and IoT are compelling organisations to continuously evolve and adapt. Given the sheer speed of change, being future ready, is a daunting but pressing need. In this session, our panel of experts will throw light on how HR needs to play a key role in order for organisations to Thrive in this disrupted future
Workplace Application: Preparing for technology adoption and disruption
Ashutosh Sharma
Ashutosh SharmaGlobal HR Head, Pearl Global Industries Ltd
Jayati Roy
Jayati RoyDirector HR, Barco Electronics

Changing Workforce: Buidling a Sustainable Workplace


HR Navigating the Business Ecosystem : Tricks of the Trade


HR as The Culture Facilitator: Making Workplaces Work!


Lunch & Networking Break

Effective use of Talent Analytics in HR: Are we there yet?


Making your Employment Branding Influential!


Role of Workplace Research: Keeping Up with the Evolving Workplaces


Tea & Networking Break

Big Debate | The much Hyped Continuous Performance Management: Is it a Fact or Fiction?

Pankaj Bansal
Pankaj BansalCo-Founder & CEO
Rohit Thakur
Rohit ThakurHead HR, India
R.K. Mohapatra
R.K. MohapatraDirector (HR)
Indian Oil Corporation Limited
Rajesh Ramakrishnan
Rajesh RamakrishnanMD, Perfetti Van Melle India

THRIVING in the New World of Frontline Leadership Development

The field of leadership development and learning is moving fast. New technology, new approaches to instructional design, and new content areas are all quickly changing the landscape. At a broader level, several macro trends are impacting the workplace and the context within which leaders at all levels operate and learn. Frontline leaders are not immune to these changes and while a common set of leadership skills will always be required, the need to be laser focused on context, relevance and personalization, are reshaping the approach organizations take to leadership development. The line between learning and performance is quickly blurring and organizations need to find ways to support leaders 24 by 7 as they confront a range of transformative and critical leadership moments every day.

In this session, DDIs Bruce Watt will explore how frontline leadership is changing and share insights and practical tips on how to address the learning and performance needs of the frontline leader. Bruce will share specific examples of how to respond to this changing landscape to ensure organizations continue to thrive in this new world.
Workplace Application: Learn how to make front line leaders adapt and proactively engage in the changing times for organizational success
Bruce Watt
Bruce Watt, Ph.D.Vice President - DDI

Closing Session | Games of Thrones

Ace lawyer and politician Kapil Sibal analyses India's high-octane political and legal landscape. And how he reads the near future
Kapil Sibal
Kapil SibalSenior Advocate & Former Union Minister
Shoma Chaudhury
Shoma ChaudhuryAward-winning Indian Journalist,
Editor, & Political Commentator

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HR Excellence Awards 2018

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