Brad Shuck

Dr. Brad Shuck

Associate Prof. Organizational Leadership & Learning - University of Louisville, Kentucky

Dr. Brad Shuck is Associate Professor of Organizational Leadership and Learning at the University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky. Shuck was the 2010-2011 Malcolm Knowles Dissertation of the Year Runner-Up and recipient of the 2011 Advances in Developing Human Resources Issue of the Year Award for the special issue on employee engagement. His research has appeared in publications such as Human Resource Development Review, Human Resource Development International, Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, the Journal of Management Development, Advances in Developing Human Resources and the European Journal of Training and Development among others. His research around engagement has been featured in Europe and both Central and South America. He currently serves as Coordinator for the ELOD PhD in Human Resource Development at U of L, Vice Chair of the Dean's Faculty Advisory Council in the College of Education and Human Development, Chair for the AHRD Wayne R. Pace Book of the Year Committee and on both the Scholar-Practitioner and Quantitative SIG's in publication leadership positions. Shuck holds a dual bachelors degree in psychology and sociology and a dual masters in counseling and higher education administration from Western Kentucky University. He completed an Ed.D. in Adult Education and Human Resource Development from Florida International University. Shuck lives in Kentucky with his family and is most importantly a proud husband and father.

Dr. Shuck is a member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels and holds faculty affiliate status with the Department of Counseling and Human Development (U of L), The Center for Research and Policy Evaluation (U of L) and the United States Army Cadet-Command.