Zubin Zack

Dir & Chief Recognition Strategist - O.C.Tanner

Zack has an incontestable passion for building teams, relationships and companies. A contributor to Forbes India and an author to articles in many popular publications including The Huffington Post, Times Ascent, Economic Times, People Matters, SHRM, CEO India Magazine, Business world Magazine etc. Zack been interviewed by The Financial Chronicle & CIOL along with his much publicized expert quotes and references in many leading International and National Industry media.

Zack is an Engineering alumni from Mumbai University, an MBA in Marketing from MET's Asian Management Development Center and 20 years of experience in leading mature as well as start-up businesses. He also has a post-graduate in Advertising & PR from K.C. College of Management Studies and he continues learning via various certifications in Financial Planning, Leadership, Global Trends in Business, Marketing, Accounting, Strategy etc. from FPSB, Wharton and Harvard.

As diverse as his ongoing education may sound, it does not match his ability to be diversely creative or his natural leadership style while nuancing effective strategies.