Utkarsh Amitabh

Strategy Manager - Microsoft

Utkarsh graduated as the Andy Burgess Scholar for Social Entrepreneurship at the INSEAD-Wharton MBA program. He was recently selected as one of the top 22 alumni entrepreneurs/ intrapreneurs from Wharton, Penn and Columbia to join the Social Impact House where he is set up an international mentoring program for youth in politically unstable regions. He is also the Torchbearer of the Young India Fellowship and a World Economic Forum Global Shaper.

His work at Microsoft focuses on digitizing government organizations and solving challenging socioeconomic issues through technology. His most recent project involves building a scalable and replicable model for smart villages in India.

Utkarsh is also the Founder of Network Cap - a peer-to-peer mentoring non-profit - that connects people from different social, economic and political backgrounds. He is piloting 'time banking' with this venture. Mentors measure return on invested time and prepare mentees to become mentors for someone else. At no point money is charged. Mentor-mentee pairs from include Iran-Israel, India-Pakistan, Russia-Ukraine, amongst others.

He is a charter member of the Indian Debating Union and has acted in one of the world's longest running plays, "The Mouse Trap."