Ruchita Bansal Sharma

Head of Talent - India for Fidelity International

An HR professional with 16+ years of professional experience who is currently the Head of Talent - India for Fidelity International. She has vast experience working in a multicultural environment leading & managing teams across the globe. She has engaged & worked with top leadership in organizations on:

» Change Management & Thought Leadership
» Various HR growth and transformation projects
» Organizational Design and restructuring initiatives
» Strategic Partner and Employee Champion for all stakeholders

A firm believer of 'change is the only constant in life', Ruchita has led various capacity building projects, often in a dynamic industry & organizational environment.
She passionately believes that one has to learn, unlearn and relearn in the current business world. She has led a number of organizational development initiatives to upskill & engage workforce to achieve long term business goals. She is known to possess a strong set of cultural and ethical values that reflect in her body of work.

She believes that it is not just the right, but ethos of Human Resources as a function to being a Strategic partner to business in its most true sense. She has been a key enabler in ensuring that HR, under her watch, does earn and retain a seat at the decision making table in the organization.