Gajendra Chandel

Member ExCom & CHRO - Tata Motors Limited

Mr. Chandel is currently the Member Executive Committee (ExCom) and CHRO, Tata Motors, India's largest Automotive Company. He moved to Tata Motors in April 2014, from another Tata Group Company Tata AutoComp where he was the President & Group CHRO, Tata AutoComp Systems since 2005 where he was actively involved in its turnaround with responsibility of various strategic growth initiatives of the company, pioneered various HR practices which became industry benchmarks & the company's revenue tripled during this period.

Mr Chandel is a member of the Board of some of Tata Group Companies viz. (1) Tata Autocomp Hendrickson Suspensions, (2) Tata Ficosa and (3) TACO Nanjing, China. Prior to joining Tata Group, he worked with Siemens in India, Germany and USA for almost 13 years where he held various assignments, starting as Regional HR Manager (North) in 1992, then as Divisional HR Manager for the newly formed Telecom Div. In 1997 he moved to Company’s Headquarters as Corporate Head for Industrial Relations & then in 1999 took over as Head of Corporate Leadership and HR Development. From 2000 to 2003, he was based at Global Headquarters at Siemens AG, Munich, heading the Global Leadership Project & subsequently at Siemens USA on a Business Integration Project from 2003-2004. Returning to India he headed the Siemens One Project from 2004-2005 before joining Tata Group.

He was honoured with Leader of the Year award in 1997 by LMI Inc. USA.
Mr. Chandel loves photography, hiking & reading