Dave Sumner Smith

Chairman - Metzano

Having originally grown up in Singapore, Dave Sumner Smith began his career as a journalist in the UK, progressing rapidly from writer to editor and finally publisher of consumer motoring magazines. It was his understanding of the automotive industry, however, that prompted The Sunday Times to invite him to contribute to the weekly Business section.

His business was soon running The Sunday Times Enterprise Network business club, combining a weekly page in the paper with business conferences around the UK & Ireland. After several years the company went on to run a similar Business Club for the Daily Telegraph.

When one of the sponsor companies invited Dave to run a LinkedIn group on their behalf, it prompted a strategic move from traditional to online business communities. He went on to become CEO of Next Dimension Media, the world's leading independent operator of LinkedIn groups, including Linked:HR, the biggest single-profession group on LinkedIn with more than 975,000 members.

Dave travels extensively, advising business leaders about the commercial applications of business-to-business social media. He draws close parallels between professional groups on social media platforms and traditional style professional magazines - but sees game-changing technical developments on the horizon with the development of Vertical Networks.

Now he and Pamela Harding (Community Chair of Linked:HR) are focusing their attention on the development of a Vertical Network for the global HR community: Metzano