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SHRM HR Awards 2016

SHRM HR Awards 2016 Winners

SHRM HR Awards 2016

The SHRM India HR Awards 2016

The SHRM India HR Awards have been instituted as an exemplary platform to recognize organizations that put people first, deliver future focused excellence in the field of People Management and understand the importance of human capital as a key contributor to business outcomes.

The SHRM India HR Awards Intent

For 68 years, the Society for Human Resource Management has followed its core ideology of supporting the professional and advancing the profession. It recognizes the pioneering and innovative people management practices that impact not just organizations but also business, society and the profession as a whole.

After the tremendous success of the awards last year, we invite you and your organizations to apply for the SHRM India HR Awards in its fifth consecutive year. These awards are founded on the philosophy to recognize organizations, which have excelled in bringing NEXT into their people practices and empowered HR to become a Strategic Business Partner. These Awards will also celebrate and acknowledge organizations that work passionately towards raising the bar for the profession through constant innovation.

Why your organization should enter the SHRM India HR Awards Competition

As an Award Winner, your organization will be recognized and feted as a Leader in NEXT People Practices. In addition, these Awards will establish:

Your position as a trailblazer

The SHRM India HR Awards recognize your organization's practices as a benchmark of the highest quality within the HR community, be it national, global or virtual. A framework to measure your organization's performance

The SHRM India Awards identify and recognize emerging areas in HR, which will have significant and widespread implications for the profession in the coming years. The Awards framework and platform allows you to present the evidence of what your organization and teams do in a measurable manner.

An opportunity to advance the profession

These unique Awards will acknowledge how organizations and their teams have contributed to the advancement of the HR profession through innovative thought processes, impactful implementation and commitment.

An opportunity to inspire other organizations and professionals

Showcasing your work on the SHRM India HR Awards platform will raise the bar for the profession by demonstrating how the best organizations deliver excellence. Your work will inspire other organizations to aim for the next level and set higher quality standards for the entire profession.

Human Capital Analytics is the process by which the value of the organization’s people is measured and improved for the purpose of enhancing overall organizational performance. The key elements that are important for Human Capital Analytics in the organization are those that add value to your organization which include the tools and technology being adopted, integrating analytics with organizational financials, educating stakeholders and the competency of an individual in this area. The HR Analytics Award recognizes the ability of the organization in incorporating all these key elements in their Human Capital Analytics approach.
Overall Measures:
  • Robust Human Capital Model which ensures that the HR function is involved in developing, implementing and measuring the organizational strategy
  • HR Dashboard used to track progress on HR Strategy and the measurements used to detail performance
  • HR Technology and Tools used for capturing accurate data for business needs and utilization of this data for decision making
  • Process of measuring contribution at primarily 3 levels – organizational (in terms of human capital cost efficiency and ROI), functional / business unit level (contribution of human capital to the unit's productivity) and human capital management (in terms of effectiveness of the HR department, employee turnover and other related metrics)
  • Competency of the HR Professional in Human Capital Analytics (e.g. use of Human Capital Analytics by the HR Professional in their daily working, HR people with HR Analytics skills)
  • Trainings undertaken for business management in HR Analytics and its usage
  • Initiatives undertaken to educate stakeholders in Human Capital Analytics
  • Usage of HR Analytics by the top management
  • Usage of HR Analytics by business managers

Diversity & Inclusion is the collective mixture of differences and similarities that includes for example, individual and organizational characteristics, values, beliefs, experiences, backgrounds, preferences and behaviors.
It has three primary dimensions:
  • Internal dimensions of diversity, such as age, sexual orientation, race and gender.
  • External dimensions of diversity, such as religion, marital status, income and educational background.
  • Organizational dimensions of diversity, such as work location, function, seniority and management status.
This Award therefore recognizes companies that have adopted and implemented policies and practices to build in and promote diversity and inclusion. It seeks to reward the thought process that the "culture of inclusion" has become a business imperative.

Overall Measures:
  • Effective implementation of a proactive strategy in Diversity (for Gender, Generation, Culture, Physical Disabilities and so on)
  • Financial and resource investments for diversity initiatives
  • Process of measuring Diversity ROI, either through impact on the bottom line or the top line.
  • Employee perception Audits and Surveys conducted
  • Increase in organization’s market share, profits and customer satisfaction in diverse market niches or geographical regions
  • Diversity ratio and workforce composition at senior leadership levels and at the time of promotions
  • Performance metrics defined for managers, for diverse teams
  • Focus on resolving perception based differences in performance ratings for different employee groups (e.g. women and men) undergoing similar talent development trainings
  • Availability of infrastructure that is suitable for all employee groups
  • Regular employee survey to assess employee perception of inclusion in the organization
  • Diversity initiatives covering different areas of HR – Hiring, Training, Employee Communication, Engagement, Grievance Redressal, Flexible Policies
  • Focus on increasing diversity in the Supplier base (e.g. empaneling high quality minority suppliers as a business practice)
  • Demonstrate formal or informal leadership by embracing inclusion through positive interactions

The use of Social Media for People Practices by an organization refers to the effective use of social media channels, tools and applications for driving key people processes for high impact. The Award seeks to recognize companies that have a well-rounded approach towards integrating social media across talent sourcing, employee engagement, learning, employer branding and so on.
It also recognizes initiatives that the organization is implementing, through which Social Media is being used to foster a higher degree of collaboration between cross-functional teams, leveraging the content created by employees, developing Knowledge Management processes, connecting employees in remote locations to a common platform which allows for knowledge sharing for business value.
Overall Measures:
  • Clear articulation of a proactive strategy for using Social media in HR processes for people and business impact (of different types – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on)
  • Financial and resource investments for HR-Social Media initiatives
  • Integrated approach for implementing Social media usage in key initiatives such as Hiring, Training, Employee Communication, Engagement, Employer Branding and so on.
  • Creative and appropriate use of different kinds of Web tools and technologies by the organization for employee related activities.
  • Regular tracking of both lead and lag indicators to assess whether these initiatives have impacted the organization culture and business, in a positive manner.
  • Adapting to the changing manner in which employees connect with each other (for example, having a social media platform internally) and implementing such new initiatives.

The Community Impact award showcases organizations which have created a significant impact on community through their sustainable social initiatives, particularly in the people realm. It seeks to recognize the commitment of these firms in creating a balanced approach between economic growth and profits on one hand, and community development related initiatives aimed at creating higher societal value on the other.
The areas of impact can range at the micro level, from improving the quality of life for communities that their businesses are operating in, to driving financial empowerment and enterprise development at the macro level. The sectors can vary from Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Livelihood-related training and so on.
The essence of the Award is to recognize the spirit of being responsible as a corporate entity, towards contributing to solutions for identified social concerns by utilizing the organization’s own financial and people resources.
Overall Measures:
  • Metrics used to measure the Community Impact (and Societal Value) of the initiatives, over a predefined timeframe.
  • New initiatives added in the past 3-5 years, to which budgeted funds have been allocated
  • Financial and people investments made in this area
  • Process used to track accountability of funded programs through regular measurement and reporting of outcomes.
  • Initiatives undertaken to increase Employee Involvement in the Community programs supported by the organization.
  • Initiatives to develop community networks, facilitated/led by the organizations that are self-sustaining.

Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow requires a different kind of approach as compared to the leadership development frameworks that organizations typically have. The need of the market is to have a holistic LEADER development approach, which focuses on elements such as sustainability, a global mindset, value system based on ethics, accountability and so on.
This award therefore seeks to recognize organizations which have been implementing best/next practices/programs in this area in order to develop their potential leaders (3 to 5 years) or emerging leaders (roles which are a level below the CXO roles), for roles which are new and far more challenging than those in the past, due to the rapid market changes.
Overall Measures:
  • Growth in the number/percentage of potential and emerging leaders identified in-house for future roles
  • Quality and diversity of developmental projects/initiatives provided to potential leaders
  • Parameters used to measure business and strategic impact of these programs
  • Evaluation approach identified to assess the performance of the identified future leaders in roles which require them to demonstrate the requisite attributes.
  • Financial and people related investments made in programs and practices in this area.
  • Retention of high potential leadership talent that has been identified through this process.

Talent sourcing and staffing are critical components of any organizations HR strategy. These practices determine the manpower that enters and eventually runs the organization machinery and have an important impact on the employer brand and perceived employee value proposition.
First impressions are often lasting impressions; and thus, the talent sourcing and staffing practice is critical in creating that undying impact on prospective and new hires. This practice also has an immense impact on the organizations’ topline and bottom line as both are ultimately driven by the employees.
This award, therefore, recognizes organizations that have instituted excellent practices in the field of talent sourcing and staffing and have elevated the talent acquisition lifecycle (sourcing, hiring, and onboarding) to a highly productive level.
Overall Measures:
  • Presence of a comprehensive and proactive sourcing strategy aligned to business needs
  • Variety of approaches used to source talent
  • Use of effective performance metrics to track success of the talent sourcing and staffing process- time to hire, cost per hire, hire yield ratio etc.
  • Financial and people related investments made in this area
  • Routine and consistency in the talent sourcing through established norms and detailed guidelines
  • Efforts to reduce overall hiring costs through well-crafted and automated processes
  • Favorable Employee feedback, through employee satisfaction scores
  • Building the Employer brand and the ability to position itself as the "employer of choice".

This award seeks to recognize organizations that understand the linkage of employee health to business productivity. These have proactively identified or designed specific health and wellness programs which can support the needs of their employee segments.
The initiatives that can be covered under these go beyond insurance plans. These can be onsite healthcare facilities or online health assessment tools, programs and information providers for healthy lifestyles, regular medical employee health screening camps, wellness and nutrition coaching/ counseling, tie-ups with any hospitals, club or gym memberships, women’s health, stress management counseling. The programs for senior leadership can also be included in this category.
Within the gamut of this award, will also be healthcare support provided to disabled employees or those who have been injured while at work, assistance provided to those who have a dependency on tobacco or alcohol, suffering from obesity. In inclusive and forward thinking organization, this could also involve counseling related to raising awareness in HIV/AIDS.
Overall Measures:
  • Number and frequency of the health and wellness employee initiatives.
  • Range (wide/diverse) of initiatives provided from the list shared above (and any others) and provisions made under each of these.
  • Investment made (financial and people) in employee health and wellness related programs
  • Parameters used to measure the satisfaction, usage and value of these programs to the employees and percentage of employees covered by these programs
  • External partnerships and tie-ups for the programs
  • Organization culture and Infrastructural changes made to incorporate these programs
  • Any process used to track the positive business impact of these programs

Excellence in Human Resource requires organizations to think laterally and design and implement people management practices and/or systems that are exceptional as opposed to the traditional processes that organizations typically have. An ever-evolving external environment, where knowledge workers are the differentiators for successful organizations, it is essential for organizations to come up with practices that not only differentiate them but also support in achievement of their people and overall business strategy.
The key dimensions of such a people management practice or system are:
  • Uniqueness of the practice/system. This implies that while the practice/system would be grounded in the traditional Human Resource disciplines, it would still be innovative and unique to the organization.
  • Integration of the practice/system with the overall human resource strategy of the organization. This also implies that the practice/system supports the organization in achieving its targets (bottom line and/or top line).

This award, therefore, seeks to recognize organizations, which have successfully designed and implemented such “excellent” people management practice(s) or system(s). This could be a single/multiple innovative practice(s) or system(s) that the organization has implemented across any area in Human Resource and has been running successfully in the organization for some time.
  • Each organization may submit an Application Form which includes one or more (maximum 3) initiatives' of people management/HR practice or system
  • The said practice/system must have completed a minimum run of two years in the organization

The entry can include details of a single practice or an entire system. For example:
HR Practice: An organization may submit details of how they have introduced the concept of a 'Career Manager' where each individual in the company is assigned a career manager who focuses on the individual’s long-term growth through frequent mentoring and developmental inputs provided by the Career Manager
HR System: An organization may submit details of their ‘Career Management System’, which has various sub-sets like individuals identifying their current competencies, career aspirations and competency gaps based on the needed competencies/skills for the next role in the organization. These individuals would then create a plan for covering the competency gap; be assisted in the same by their career counselors and work on the same. The entire system is online and automated with career opportunities in the organization also posted on the online portal in a regular manner.

Within the gamut of this award, will be practices or systems under any HR discipline. The following are indicative disciplines that the practice/system could fall under:
  • 1. Strategic HRM
  • 2. Talent Acquisition and People Flows
  • 3. Performance Management
  • 4. Learning and Development (including Knowledge Management)
  • 5. Compensation, Reward and Recognition
  • 6. Talent Development, Engagement and Retention
  • 7. Employee Advocacy and Relations (includes Employee Engagement)
  • 8. Industrial Relations
  • 9. HR and Social Media
  • 10. Diversity & Workplace Flexibility
  • 11. Executive Coaching and Leadership
  • 12. Human Capital Standards and Analytics

Overall Measures:
  • Innovativeness of the practice/system. Its’ uniqueness to the organization and difference from practices followed in the industry or parallel industries.
  • Adequate balance between human touch (exceptions, personal connect) of the practice/system and its routine and consistency (through established norms, detailed guidelines)
  • Integration of the practice/system with the HR strategy and overall Business strategy
  • Financial and people related investment made for the system/practice (can also include details of organizational culture and infrastructural changes made to incorporate the practice/system and leadership buy-in for the system/practice)
  • Parameters used to measure business and strategic impact of the practice/system (Qualitative and quantitative data both will be accepted here. This specially tracks the business impact of the program)
  • Parameters used to measure the satisfaction, usage and value of the practice/system to the target employees and percentage of employees (from the targeted population) covered by the program (this specifically tracks the people impact of the program)
  • Variety of methods used in the practice/system (example: a leadership development program could use a variety of methods like coaching, classroom training and live projects)

This award is for the area of Academics, which has a huge impact on the kind of talent pool that organizations will receive. It recognizes academic institutions that have played a prominent role in contributing to the field of HR, through a market focused HR curriculum, path-breaking research, committed HR faculty and as well as initiatives that enable the students to become more employable for ready absorption into the corporate environment.
While on one hand the institute should be focusing on regularly aligning its curriculum to ensure that the knowledge provided to the students ensures that global HR professionals are being developed, on the other hand, it should be working actively towards partnering with the HR community as well as corporates in order to focus on employable talent (e.g. through mentorship programs, actively seeking curriculum related inputs from corporates, industry interfaces and workshops, and so on).
Overall Measures:
  • Research work in the field of HR which has been recognized (India and/or Asia level)
  • Partnerships with corporates to enable the creation of employable talent (should also cover types of partnerships and Initiatives)
  • Initiatives undertaken and Investments made towards ensuring a globally recognized HR curriculum.
  • HR Faculty satisfaction report
  • HR Student satisfaction scores
  • Process/metrics (if any), used to track progress of initiatives through regular measurement and reporting of outcomes.

Eligibility Criteria for participation in the Awards

Participation is open to the following organizations:
  • Participation is open to both SHRM as well as non-SHRM members
  • Industry: Firms operating in any of the industry segments within the categories of Services, Manufacturing and Agriculture.
  • Origin:
    • Indian organizations - Multinational corporations, family owned business houses which have domestic and/or international operations
    • Foreign owned Multinational corporations, their captives and MNC third-party players with operations in India that cater to both domestic and export markets.
    • In case of organizations applying for the International Award category (Excellence in Human Resource- Sri Lanka & Bangladesh), they would need to have operations in either one of the stated countries.
  • Legal status:
    • Private sector
    • Public sector enterprise
  • Participating organizations should have sound financial performance in the past 3 years.
  • The Initiatives / Projects shared in the Application form should be completely executed or should be an ongoing initiative/project. No initiatives in the planning/ conceptualizing stage may be mentioned.
  • The Initiatives / Projects shared in the Application form should have been implemented/ initiated within the period, 1st April, 2013 - 31st March, 2016.
  • The Awards Management has the right to ask for documentary proof of information provided/ audit the information shared.
  • The Awards Management holds the right to disqualify any application which does not meet the eligibility criteria without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  • If at any time, any information provided by the nominating organisation is found to be incorrect in any manner, the nominating organisation will be disqualified from the Awards.
  • To enable equal representation of large and small to medium sized companies, and achieve an objective comparison, two categories have been created. However, separate assessment of the applications category wise will only be carried out if there are sufficient applications in that category, else all the applications will be reviewed together in an award category. We have also instituted a special award category for MSME (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises) & Public Sector Companies.

For the purpose of these awards MSME is defined as under:

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) are classified in two Classes:
(a) Manufacturing Enterprises: The enterprises engaged in the manufacture or production of goods pertaining to any industry
(b) Service Enterprises: The enterprises engaged in providing or rendering of services

Manufacturing Sector
Enterprises Investment in Plant & Machinery
Micro Enterprises Does not exceed twenty five lakh rupees
Small Enterprises More than twenty five lakh rupees but does not exceed five crore rupees
Medium Enterprises More than five crore rupees but does not exceed ten crore rupees
Service Sector
Enterprises Investment in Equipment
Micro Enterprises Does not exceed ten lakh rupees:
Small Enterprises More than ten lakh rupees but does not exceed two crore rupees
Medium Enterprises More than two crore rupees but does not exceed five core rupees
  • All MSME organisations would need to provide a certificate/ declaration supporting the same.
  • For the Academic Institution Award, the VC/Dean/Director/Founder will have to nominate the Institution in order to be considered eligible.

Application Process
Step 1: Register for the SHRM India HR Awards 2016 by sending across a duly filled, signed and stamped copy of the Declaration Form to our official awards mailbox - SHRMIAwards@shrm.org. You may also reach out to this email address for any clarifications.

Download Declaration Form

Step 2: Request the SHRM team for an invoice depending on the categories you have applied for. All applicants would need to make a one - time Application Fee of INR 30,000/- + Govt. taxes. This standard fee is non – refundable and applicable for a maximum of two categories. In case of participation in three categories or more a flat fee of INR 45,000/- + Govt. taxes will be charged. There is no restriction on the number of categories an organization can apply as long as it meets the required eligibility criteria.

The payment of the Application fee can be made online by   Clicking on this link or a cheque/ demand draft can be drawn in favour of Strategic Human Resource Management Pvt. Ltd or SHRM India Pvt. Ltd and sent across to the below mentioned SHRM office:
Mr. Mayank Runthla
SHRM India, 605, 6th Floor, Global Business Park, Tower B, Gurgaon, Sector 26
Haryana - 122002

Step 3: Download the Application forms for the specific Award categories, you wish to apply, from the links below. Fill out the details required for your respective Application Forms and send it to us at SHRMIAwards@shrm.org. You can also attach supporting documents of maximum 30 pages/slides for a particular Award category. These collaterals will be accepted only in the form of PPT, PDF or WORD documents. No excel formats, video/ audio submissions, links hyperlinked in text will be accepted.

Also, a hard copy of the Application Forms along with collaterals is required to be couriered to the SHRM Mumbai Office at the below mentioned address:
Ms. Perzine Dadyburjor
SHRM India, Trade Centre, Suit No. 1056, Level 1, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra (East)
Mumbai 400051. Maharashtra.

Download Application form for the following award categories:
Excellence in HR Analytics
Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion
Excellence in Social Media - People Practices
Excellence in Community Impact
Excellence in Developing Leaders of Tomorrow
Excellence in Talent Sourcing and Staffing
Employer with Best Employee Health and Wellness Initiatives
Excellence in Human Resource – For Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises
Excellence in Human Resource – For Public Sector Organizations
Excellence in Human Resource - Sri Lanka & Bangladesh
Academic Institute of the Year -For Contribution in the field of HR (India, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh)

All applications must be sent through an official email address and one single point of contact should send across all forms as well as queries.

Award Registrations Open - 6th June, 2016.

Last date to accept nominations and pay the Application fee - 22nd August, 2016
Last date to submit completed Application forms – 29th August, 2016

The completed Application forms (soft copy) should reach the SHRM Mailbox - SHRMIAwards@shrm.org and a hard copy of the same should reach the SHRM Mumbai office not later than 5:00 pm on 29th August, 2016.

Evaluation Process

All Applications will be put through a two - step evaluation process:
1. Screening Jury Evaluation: 6th & 7th September, 2016
This is the Preliminary evaluation process where each application form will be reviewed on various parameters, by an esteemed jury panel. The jury will arrive at a list of shortlisted finalists which will proceed to the Final Jury Evaluation.
2. Final Jury Evaluation: 20th & 21st September, 2016 in Gurgaon
The finalists that emerge through the evaluation from the Screening Jury would be required to make a presentation to the Final Jury Panel on either of the above mentioned dates. A senior representative from the shortlisted organization would need to be there in person to make the final presentation and respond to any questions the jury may have. All applicants will be informed via email if they have been shortlisted or not. Respective organisation representatives would accordingly need to make themselves available. The winners of the SHRM India HR Awards will be announced and awarded at the SHRM India Annual Conference, Awards Night on 29th September, 2016.

Evaluation Parameters:
The jury will be evaluating participating organizations on three broad parameters:
  • Innovation in the Initiative: This parameter evaluates the originality in the said HR initiative/process. An innovative practice or system is one, which is highly unusual, creative and unique to the company’s culture and overall strategy.
    This encompasses innovation in the design, delivery mechanisms, implementation and tracking of the system/process. It also includes original communication campaigns and design of metrics around it.
  • Impact on Stakeholders: This parameter evaluates the business and strategic impact of the said HR initiative. An impactful system/ process is one, which involves a variety of stakeholders in its design and implementation and is of immense satisfaction, usage and value to the target audience.
    Recognition of the system/process in external and internal forums and tracking of metrics showcasing its success are also encompassed in this parameter.
  • Sustainability and Scalability: This parameter talks of the routine and consistency in the said HR initiative. A sustainable and scalable system/process is one, which has detailed norms and guidelines, attached to it and improves itself basis feedback and audits.
    Financial, people, organization culture or infrastructure related investments and changes as well as communication and branding of the system/process contribute in making it sustainable and scalable.


Nidhi Kajaria

Nidhi Kajaria

Ms. Nidhi Kajaria, Deputy General Manager, heads the Human Resources for International Banking, SME & Commercial Banking in ICICI Bank Ltd. She also heads the Compensation & Benefits for ICICI Bank. She has been with the Bank since 2003.

Ms. Nidhi Kajaria holds an MBA degree in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations from XLRI, Jamshedpur. She is also a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development.

In her 13 years of work experience, Nidhi has handled leadership development, succession planning, rewards & benefits management, employee relations, learning & development, equality & diversity, and large scale talent acquisition & employee engagement processes. At ICICI Bank, she has successfully lead cross cultural HR teams including subsidiaries in UK, Canada and branches in US, Singapore, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Middle East, China and South Africa. She has been instrumental in establishing the regulatory and compliance framework within Human Resources for the Bank in India and abroad. She has a keen interest in HR analytics and technology initiatives that aid in decision making and management of scale.

Pradeep Mukerjee

Pradeep Mukerjee

Pradeep works on enhancing organizational and leadership effectiveness. Given his strong business orientation, his specialty is to identify and help build organizational capabilities and supportive organization structures and systems for effective organizational performance; define and implement people strategies that enable business success and develop leadership talent through coaching. Currently, he runs his own firm Confluence Coaching & Consulting and is also a partner at Global HR Lead Partners LLP.

Pradeep has over 31 years of rich corporate experience in India and overseas, having managed an organization as a CEO and having led the human resources function for many years. Pradeep’s experience includes defining and driving a business strategy, enhancing profitability of consulting business, defining organization structures, defining and driving the human resource and people agenda in corporations in the IT and financial services sectors for 19 years, in-depth assessment and development of leadership talent, executive coaching and career counseling, enabling creation of high performing work organizations, facilitating visioning for organizations, re-engineering HR processes, and introducing and managing appropriate interventions for enhancing organizational effectiveness. He has a number of achievements to his credit including pioneering introduction of cafeteria approach to compensation in 1991 in India and introducing sales incentives in the banking industry in the country in 2000.

Pradeep has worked in the Middle East and United States during the course of his career. His last corporate assignment was as CEO of Mercer India Pvt.Ltd., part of the largest global HR Consulting firm. From 2000 to 2007, he headed Human Resource function for all of Citigroup’s different businesses in South Asia covering banking, consumer finance, BPO, KPO, brokerage and technology infrastructure space in ten different legal vehicles.

He is also regularly invited to the Indian School of Business (ISB) as an Executive Coach on their leadership program for top managers. He has also designed and developed programs for HR professionals on behalf of Society for Human Resources Management, India.

Client Results:

  • Defined vision, mission, values for an infrastructure company.
  • Facilitated change in leadership and redesigning structure.
  • Defined roles & responsibilities for professional managers and owners in an owner managed logistics firm.
  • Facilitated institution of business planning process.
  • Defined HR Road map for a bank.
  • Designed grade structure in a bank and defined generic roles & competencies at various levels.
  • Designed Performance Management process.
  • Evaluated Job Evaluation exercise done in an educational institute.
  • Coached over 100 Executives to help them realize their potential.
  • Designed and delivered programs for SHRM India.

Areas of Expertise

  • HR Leader ship
  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Assessments
  • Organization Effectiveness & Transformation
  • Change Management

Professional Experience:

  • CEO, Mercer Consulting
  • Founder Director, Confluence Coaching & Consulting.
  • Human Resources Director, Citigroup (South Asia).
  • VP, Leadership Staffing & Development, Citigroup US.
  • VP & Head of HR, Citibank UAE & Gulf.
  • Head of HR, Citicorp Overseas Software Ltd.
  • Personnel Executive, Asian Paints.
  • Coordinator, Manpower Allocation Tata Consultancy Services.


  • Masters in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.
  • Bachelor of Sciences in Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

Professional Licenses and Certifications:

  • Certified Professional Coach (PCC), International Coaching Federation of the US
  • Psychometric Instruments: MBTI, FIRO-B, CPI 200

Board Positions

  • Timex Group India Ltd.

Board of Trustees

  • SNEHA (NGO in Mumbai)


Vijayan Pankajakshan

Vijayan Pankajakshan

Effective December 2009, Vijayan Pankajakshan is the Dean-HR Academics and Research& Industry Interface @ WeSchool, Mumbai, alongside being , Principal Consultant- HCM@ ELS Pvt Ltd.

He is a Gold Medallist from the 1984 Batch @ TISS, Mumbai and has had a corporate career spanning , 25 years ,during 1984-2009. He has held responsible roles in Personnel Management, Industrial Relations, HRD, OD, TQM and Manufacturing in a range of industries, both in India and overseas. This includes a nine year stint with Marico ,when he was the first HR professional to be job rotated as Manufacturing Head in one of Marico's plant locations. His last corporate role was Director- Human Resources with CHEP India Pvt Ltd ( a Brambles Company).

He holds certification in GPHR( HCRI) , SHRM- CP ( SHRM).

He is a SME for SHRM India in PMS, ER, HR Analytics . He is on the Executive Committee of NHRDN, Mumbai Chapter for many years while also being Member- Core Committee of Employers Federation of India.

He has attended many Executive Education & Development programmes, including at the Harvard University, Harvard Business School & Cornell- Singapore campus.

A team led by him ,won the runner up position in the Secondary Case writing competition for HR Faculty, conducted by CII- Western Zone ( EdgeFarm: February 2016) He has consulted across various industries and organisations- including Government departments/organisations- in the space of Assessment /Development Centres, Workshop Design and Facilitation, Developing and Aligning HR strategy and Executive Coaching.

He has keen interest in designing and hosting Quiz Shows for students and Corporates.


Dr. Aneeta Madhok

Dr. Aneeta Madhok, is the Managing Director at Open Spaces Consulting. She is a professionally certified leadership development coach and trainer. A global professional, HR systems expert, people person, creative thinker & writer, much sought after speaker, academician of repute, behavioral scientist and experienced trainer.

Aneeta has coached for over fifteen years, and professionally for the last five years. With an emphasis in coaching for women in management boards, Aneeta also coaches CEO’s, senior executives, and professionals who face significant challenges navigating fast changing environments. Aneeta’s practice includes individual clients in several countries and varied professions. She is also a frequent speaker about and teacher of coaching skills around the country as well as a lead instructor for several workshops for the corporate. She partners with organizations in the design of coaching interventions to build internal leadership potential.

Aneeta’s competencies developed over 33 years of professional practice enable her to be a coach who touches and transforms lives and careers, and a trainer who actually transfers learning into the participants through proven methods and practices. A deep insight into people matters has resulted in high repeat demand for her personality profiling, coaching and skill building training services in the areas of emotional intelligence, performance management, and behavioral skills.

Prior to setting up Open Spaces Consulting, Aneeta was Dean – School of Business at NMIMS University and S.P. Jain Centre of Management in Dubai and Singapore. She has also had a long stint in HR with a large diversified group in North India and an FMCG major

She has conducted over 200 workshops and done over 300 hours of coaching with organizational leaders. She is accredited in the usage of The Leadership Circle, MBTI, FIRO-­‐B, Thomas Profiling, Belbin Team Roles, Erickson Coaching framework, SHRM Master Trainer and is a Fellow of Sumedhas Academy for Human Context.

She has served the management consulting profession as Chairperson (2009-­‐2011) of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes, which has a presence over 50 countries, and earlier as President of Institute of Management Consultants of India.

Dr. Madhok qualified with an honors degree in Psychology from Delhi University and MBA in HRD from XLRI, Jamshedpur, followed by a PhD in Managerial Leadership from Psychology Department of Punjab University in Chandigarh India.

Aneeta is also an expert and insightful Tarot Cards reader with a wide clientele for The Tarot Connection in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, Dubai and all over India.

Dr.Sangeeta Makhija Ahuja

Dr. Sangeeta Makhija Ahuja

Dr. Sangeeta Makhija Ahuja (PhD, IIT Bombay and MBA in Finance) is Head of Research and Equity Index Manager for Thomson Reuters Indices, an SBU of Thomson Reuters International, which is one of world’s most admired companies. She has 16 years of experience including 13 years in financial research and global equity indices, manages a suite of 10K+ Thomson Reuters Global Equity Indices. She has end to end responsibility of managing proprietary and custom TR equity indices. She also Chairs Index Action Committee of TR Indices; responsibilities include ensuring that TR Indices remain investable and IOSCO compliant, reviewing methodologies and business rules, overseeing rebalances and implementation of complex corporate actions affecting indices. She has special interest in IFRS, US GAAP and IOSCO and writes on internal blog on the issues of global importance that have bearing on global stock markets. Some of the recent articles include “China A shares in Emerging and Global Equity Indices”, “Paris Agreement and its impact of Fossil Free Indices”, “BREXIT-Hedging against Pound”.

Sangeeta is known for her expertise on global equities, analytical skills, problem solving and expertise in managing cross-cultural teams. Some of the professional accolades include launch of TR Top 50 indices suite, Shariah Indices, introducing an alternate liquidity filter to enhance the investability of TR Equity Indices. Some of the academic achievements include winning best paper awards in international conferences organized by NMIMS and BHU, most prestigious AICTE scholarship for her PhD and a Gold Medalist in her MBA. She is also a panelist in IITB’s MBA admissions. She likes to read fictions and spend time with her family.


Jagdish Ghorpade

Jagdish Ghorpade is a HR professional (A post graduate of prestigious TISS) with more than 30 years’ experience with some of the best organizations in the world with best HR practices. The experience spans across diverse industries i.e. Manufacturing, Airline, Telecom (Service Provider), Telecom Infrastructure, IT and IT enabled. Jagdish bring expertise and experience in partnering with business in the domain of HR Strategy, HR Processes and Change Management.

Jagdish has worked with some of the best Indian and MNC organizations like Hindustan Ciba Geigy, Godfrey Phillips, Jet Airways, BPL Mobile, IBM, Thomson Financial (Now Thomson-Reuters),Alcatel-Lucent, Sika India and JSW Steel. The experience includes managing HR in diverse, multi-location, and professionally managed environment.

Jagdish was associated with Airline, Telecom and IT from initial growth days of these domains in India and has contributions in areas of HR Strategy, Design and deployment of HR processes for business need of rapid and multi-location growth. He is also an OD facilitator, particularly GRID OD.

Jagdish is trained in Japan in areas related to employee management in manufacturing environment with particular emphasis on Kaizen. He worked closely on HR processes when GPI tied with a Japanese company for complete transformation of Mumbai unit.

Jagdish has extensive experience in Employee Relations/Industrial Relations covering entire gamut of Multi Union situation, Productivity Linked Settlements, Resolution of legal disputes etc.


Manish Kotwani

Manish Kotwani is a seasoned HR professional with over 17 years of rich experience ranging across the HR Consulting space, Business process outsourcing, Law practice management and Background screening & Professional services Industries. At Sterling, Manish heads the HR function for the largest offshore delivery center based out of India and has remotely managed International HR Operations across Philippines & OHIO (US). He is responsible for driving HR Strategy, Framework, Design and execution across various sub-functions like Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Organization Development and HR Operations. Prior to Sterling, Manish has served organizations like Syntel, Lehman Brothers, Intelenet and Randstad (erstwhile EmmayHR) and has transformed the way an HR team functions by bringing in collaboration, strategy and effectively partnering with business.

Manish is a Post Graduate in Human Resources from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS) and a Commerce Graduate from Mumbai University.


Milind Kher

Milind Kher is a professional with a thirty year work experience. He has worked with reputed organizations like Camlin Ltd, ITC Ltd, Tara Jewels Ltd and is now a business owner as the CEO of Hospitality Quorum, a training company. He has spent in his career ten years at the apex level in HR. He is DISC Certified, an NLP Practitioner and specializes in the human mind and human relationships

Career Contour

From May 2014 CEO with HQ

  • Responsible for branding
  • Responsible for Marketing
  • Responsible for Content Development
  • Leveraging being DISC certified and NLP Certified
  • Devising NLP programs
  • Devising Emotional Intelligence programs
  • Developing Mind Sciences Programs

    From March 19th 2012 till April 2014 with Vidyalankar – Head HR and Marketing


  • Played a pivotal role in recruitment
  • Revamped appraisal systems
  • Played a key l role in training and development
  • Developed powerful branding ideas
  • Carried out training including
  • Organization Culture
  • Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Business Etiquette
  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management
  • Change Management
  • Selling Skills
  • Body Language

    From Jul 2004 to Oct 31st 2011with Tara Jewels Ltd., Mumbai position last held GM HR Retail Division
    Career Path
    Head- Buying Administration
    General Manager- Human Resources, Retail Division

  • Established sound buying and ancillary processes
  • General / Human Resources Administration
  • Handled end to end recruitment and training for retail staff
  • Prepared a master class program for training and development
  • Training included:
  • Introduction to diamonds
  • Introduction to jewelry
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Body language
  • Communication skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Selling skills
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Played a key role in recruitment of retail staff at HO and participated in recruitment at all 31 outlets
  • Created new norms of recruitment and interview processes
  • Coordinated and anchored training program of all retail staff
  • Ensured prompt resolution of all employee issues.

Jul 1987 - Jun 2004 with ITC Ltd

Circle Manager, Tobacco Marketing
Area Manager, Foods

From 1987-2000, worked in various places and thereafter from 2000-04 was based in Mumbai, where a pioneering role in Foods was played (ITC Limited)

  • Instrumental in setting up the social marketing in North India with a focus on manpower, systems, and distribution networks.
  • Set up a distribution network of 50 distributors. Appointed all special products salesmen and supervisors. Instituted reporting systems and led by example to achieve results
  • Was an important player in Foods in key cities in the Western Region
  • Training initiatives included training marketing and sales staff in
  • Steps of the call
  • Five stage selling format
  • Core services
  • Value Added services
  • Multi level contact
  • The concept of rural redistribution depots was also established.
  • Developed Trade Marketing Systems for People Development
  • Brought an L&D angle to the concept of Trade Marketing in the territory.
  • Was a prime mover in the cascading of the international Competitive Edge Series in the Division
  • Was actively involved in the recruitment and training of Trade Marketing Supervisors.
  • Introduced performance linked compensation in the trade marketing team
  • Ensured availability of the product in all key accounts ensuring that along with volumes, visibility also increased significantly

Commenced career with Camlin Ltd., Mumbai as Product Executive / Zonal Manager from Jun 1986 -May 1987

  • 1986 MDBA (Master's Diploma in Business Administration) from IMDR, Pune
  • 1984 MA from Rajasthan University
  • 1982 BA from Mumbai University

Personal Details
  • Languages Known: English, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Urdu and Gujarati
  • Linkedin Profile: Click here to connect


Milind Kelkar

Milind Kelkar

Milind Kelkar has close to three decades of successful track record in making the HR function a dynamic and integral part of top management, transforming organizations to deliver competitive business results in diverse industries (Hospitality, IT services & Consulting and IT enabled services) globally. Having done innovative work in HR in a rapidly changing business world, he steered organizations and delivered results through change and transformation, mergers & acquisitions, aggressive ramp up during start - up, high growth phase and re-branding / re-badging situations. Early on in his career, Milind was challenged with the responsibility of managing and leading large number of employees , spanning multiple locations / SBUs.

Milind has extensive HR, operations and delivery experience entrenched in deep process orientation with notable strengths in managing cross-cultural and cross – functional assignments of a global scale. The variety of assignments with multi-geography responsibilities has helped Milind evolve as an inquisitive professional with global orientation. He played a key role in planning, executing cultural transformation of organizations including change management within organizations to develop a rich culture , enhancing work ethics and building a performance driven culture.

After completing MBA from Pune in 1983, he started his career with Taj Group of Hotels – a TATA group company, for close to nine years and for the next 18 years worked with Wipro, DCM, efunds (HCL – Deluxe), Solectron, Cendant and Vertex. During this period, he gained multiple start – up experiences, including an opportunity to be part of building large, multi-geography and multi-unit operations for global firms. From 1998 onwards till 2010, he held various leadership positions as Chief Personnel Officer or Chief of Business Services being responsible for all aspects of people management and internal enabling functions. He does consulting focused on delivering business results through enhancement of people processes, customer focus and service management, learning & development, facilitating organizational change & transformation and HR Advisory services.

Prof. Premarajan

Premarajan RK

Premarajan RK is currently working as a Professor in the Organizational Behavior and Human Resources domain at India’s highly acclaimed Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI) Jamshedpur.

He is also the India Partner of the RoI Institute, Alabama, U.S.A, coordinating joint work in the area of HR Measurement. Since November 2010, he has been a Member of the Governing Board of XLRI and had also been on the National Panel on HR of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in 2010-11 as a member.

Premrajan also drives the National HR Competency Assessment effort as a technical expert, a project that is jointly supported by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), National HRD Network (NHRD) and XLRI Jamshedpur. The project, since 2005, is aimed at enhancing the Competency Level of the HR professionals in the country.

He started his career in 1989-90 as a Lecturer at the prestigious Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Bombay. Later, he also had a brief stint as a Senior Executive with the Corporate HRD department of Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T ), Bombay, and Executive Assistant to Chairman, National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) during 1992-1994.

At XLRI, he was appointed as the L&T Scholar of HR during 2002-2005. The scope of the position was to undertake both basic and applied research in the field of Competency-based Human Resource Management.

He has undertaken more than 35 consulting assignments with leading organizations that include banks, insurance companies, and global BPO providers, NGOs, and Governmental departments in the areas of Competency Based Organizational Transformation Intervention, Competency mapping, Competency-based selection and Leadership Transformation.

Some of the areas in which he conducted successful Management Development Programs include:

  • Art and Science of Behavioral Interviewing
  • Assessment Centre Approach to Competency Mapping
  • Psychometric Testing for HR Professionals
  • Competency Based Selection Systems
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Competency Based Career Development
  • Measuring HR

Premarajan has published more than 30 research articles in various refereed journals and conference proceedings both in India and abroad. The topics of these articles are quite varied, ranging from strategic HRM, competency based HRM, assessment Centres, distributive justice, career anchor scale, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer.

Marcel R Parker

Marcel R Parker

Marcel holds an Honours Degree in Economics from St Stephen’s College Delhi and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management,Ahmedabad in HR-this coupled with the fact of having worked in some of the world’s best organizations has added huge value to himself and the organizations he has worked for.

With 4 decades of hands-on-experience in the HR arena in diverse industry he started his career with Voltas[Engineering]moved to ITC [Tobacco]and then in chronological order to Coromandel Fertilisers[Fertilizers & Cement]The Oberoi Hotels[Hospitality & Travel}Xerox[Documentation]Royal Dutch/Shell Group[Petroleum]and SAP[Software and Consulting]before his last corporate assignment as President-Human Resources with the Raymond Group in Textiles,Apparel,Engineering,Retail and Consumer Products till 2008.

Marcel has also had the opportunity to work in all arenas of the HR profession-from Employee Relations to Compensation and Benefits,Employee Engagement ,HRIS ,Learning and Development,Change Management,strategic HR and Leadership Development.He has also had the privilege of working with disparate managements-from Indian transnationals to MNC’s and from promoter-driven to joint-ventures too.

With his high energy levels and dedication to the HR profession, he launched his second career and Chaired the Board of IKYA Human Capital Solutions Ltd till 2013. This Company in the space of Executive Search,Recruitment,Learning & Development, Professional & General Staffing,Managed Services,Food Services and Facilities Management built a turnover of 3400 Cr in just 9 years . IKYA is owned by the Fairfax Group of Canada[Thomas Cook India and Sterling Holidays in India] and a strategic investor and has 2700 employees,47 offices across 6 countries,1,27,000 Associates and a galaxy of clients. IKYA was rebranded as Quess Corp and went public recently with their IPO being oversubscribed 147 times and share price up 58%..Marcel is proud to have served as an Independent Director on the Board and is now Chief Mentor of the Quess Group

He has also acted as an HR Adviser with another MNC,,teaches at Business Schools, is a Qualified Asessor for senior Managerial jobs as well as an ICF Executive Coach..He has run training programmes for the Aditya Birla Group ,Bajaj Auto Finance and Hindustan Unilever too.His passion however is working with Gen Y and he has spearheaded a Mentoring programme for HR students in one of Mumbai’s leading business schools apart from being a mentor to several HR professionals. Marcel is very actively involved in giving back to the profession and served as Regional President for the National HRD Network,India and a Member of the National Board too.He was conferred the President’s Award for serving the HR community.Associated with the Employers Federation of India and CII and in varied educational initiatives for increasing employability and skills Marcel serves as a Member of the Advisory Board for India & South Asia for Society for Human Resource Management [SHRM] He also served on the International Coach Federation[ICF] Global Membership Committee and the Advisory Board for India for the Simon School of Business, University of Rochester and ISBM Pune.

Coaching /Mentoring is another passion and he practices both with a variety of HR professionals,business leaders,women leaders[through the WoMentoring initiative]and students. Associated with The Strategic Human Resources Leadership Journey programs over the last decade,he was the Program Director for the 2015 program for arguably one of the benchmark programs of it’s kind for young HR leaders to-be.

Gagan Singh

Gagan Singh

I joined JLL in May 2007, to oversee the integration of the merged entity - Jones Lang LaSalle Meghraj, which created the pre-eminent and largest real estate services firm in India. Over the last 9 years I have worn several hats.

I led the Projects and Development Services (P&DS) business for India for 4 years from 2008 to 2012. The P&DS business more than doubled its revenue and margins under my leadership

In addition to being the Chairperson of the the Sri Lanka business which operates as a stand-alone entity, I am also the CEO - Business for Jones Lang LaSalle India. Currently, I have oversight of SEZ Shared Service Operations and the Human Resources and Legal functions for the Firm. I also head the CSR and Sustainability agenda for India. In 2014, I was nominated to the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Gender Diversity for a 2 year period

I have over 30 years of experience across the apparel, exports and hospitality sector. Prior to joining Jones Lang LaSalle, I was with Benetton India for over 6 years as Executive Director, and was subsequently appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2005. Under my stewardship, the brand achieved several firsts for the group in India.

Previous to Benetton, I was COO at DCM International. I was responsible for all export initiatives of the firm and successfully ensured compliance of all audit related requirements of DCM Financial Services. I also worked with the Soaltee Group, Nepal as Vice President Finance. I began my career with Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.

Education and Affiliations

  • Chartered Accountant from The Institute of Chartered Accountants Of India (ICAI)
  • Cost Accountant from The Institute of Cost Works Accountants of India (ICWAI)
  • Independent Director on the Board for Timex India
  • Independent Director on the Board of Future Retail

Other details:

I enjoy theatre, interior design & travel and am a mother of two. I am a trustee of the Salaam Baalak Trust, a Non-Government Organization (NGO) dedicated to working with street and working children and am the founding Vice President of Youthreach, an NGO

Manu Narang

Manu Narang

Manu leads HR Transformation & Services Management for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, based in Gurgaon-India, and has a diversified team of professionals, working towards driving HR organization’s operating model transition. She has been with American Express since the last 8 years and has strategically contributed to the organization’s charter in various capacities as Market HR Generalist, HR Business Partner and Mergers & Acquisitions Specialist.

Prior to American Express, Manu worked with GE in HR function, across multiple lines of businesses – ranging across aircraft engines, technology and consumer finance, posted in various countries like US, Hungary etc. She is a graduate of the GE Human Resources Leadership Program (HRLP). She started her career as a Finance Analyst with Tata Unisys, responsible for branch accounting & financial analysis.

In her vast career, across global organizations, Manu has worked extensively in evolving people strategies, focusing on organization transformation, design & effectiveness, culture & change, talent management, and retention. She has led various Mergers & Acquisitions projects and has been instrumental in leading learning & development interventions for Senior Leadership and Diverse workforce. She has also been a key to the institutionalization of the HR Shared Service Delivery Model in India for her current organization, based on the strong foundations of six sigma, quality, project management and efficiency.

Manu is known for her strategic thought leadership, business acumen, authenticity and strong talent advocacy. Her ability to navigate through complex and ambiguous situations, has won her credible relationships across all levels in the organization. She is looked upon as a reliable advisor & guide, not just within her large globally diverse team, but across all dimensions of her stakeholder network.

She is a qualified MBTI, Six Sigma professional & trained on variety of leadership & professional skills subjects. She has acquired her bachelor’s in Finance, Statistics & Economics and masters in Human Resources from Symbiosis Center of Management & HRD, India.

Manu & her husband, Anand, live in Gurgaon with their twin daughters – Aanya & Amyra.

Hanumant Talwar

Hanumant Talwar

Entrepreneurial, strategic and operationally capable business leader with 30+ years of experience in best in class global organizations that have successfully managed scale and growth, while building a global footprint. Proven track record of successfully managing P&L ownership and accountability, business development, CXO client relations, revenue maximization, cost optimization, turnaround/restructuring, change management in start-ups, mergers and acquisitions. Global experience and broad general management exposure to “what good looks like” across multiple regions including India, EMEA, APAC and China. An intellectual understanding of the global business context and ability in dealing with multiple perspectives and ambiguity.

While the most recent corporate role was as the MD & Country Manager for Convergys – India, UK & China; he brings enriched learning across various industry segments and marquee organizations like General Electric, American Express, EXLService, Zenta, HIRCO, HCL, DCM Data Products and Eureka Forbes.

Tanuja Sharma

Tanuja Sharma

A PhD from Faculty of Management Studies¸ Univ. of Delhi, Prof Tanuja Sharma has been teaching in MDI since December 2005. Prior to that she has spent initial five years in Industry and in 1989 she joined academics (Delhi University- BBS programme). Her Research work received ‘Mercer Award Asia 2005’, ( Mercer Human Resource Consulting¸ Singapore for innovative¸ practical Asian Human Resource Research). She has received basic training in Transactional Analysis, Counseling Skills and is currently studying Buddhist text from Nalanda Tradition from Tibet House, New Delhi.

At MDI, she has been teaching courses on HRM, Performance Management System, Compensation Management, and Business Ethics in MBA, mid career programmes for Public & Private Sector Managers, Public Policy Programme and Research program (FPM). She has been associated promonent industry accounts for desining and delivering Management Development Programmes (MDP) and Consulting assignments in Private, Public & Government organizations at MDI, Gurgaon. She has published in International and National journals and has written cases on performance and compensation related issues for international case cells (Ivey and Sage, UK), She has participated in international conferences in US, UK and Europe and has received best track presenter award for her paper on ‘Work Life Balance in PSUs in India’, (ICBED, New York in 2013).

She has actively contributed to social sector through training, workshop and other support. She has been a part of Internal complaint committee (ICC) for ‘Safe workplace for Women” both in Delhi Univ. and currently in MDI, Gurgaon.

Professional membership & Associations includes SHRM India, CII-HR quality award, Member, Performance Management Cell, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India. Member, sub-group -9 on HRD and Capacity Building, Ministry of Power for working group on Power for formulation of 12th & 13th five year plan. GOI.(2011) and Member on Panel for “Good Governance” & Member-Panel on Fraud and Corruption Control Bureau of Indian standards (BIS),New Delhi. She is a Member, board of CSRL(SUPER 30); Engaged in supporting students from the poorest economic strata for engineering studies with the financial support from prominent PSUs and Petronet LNG,DLF Foundation.

Jaspreet Bakshi

Jaspreet Bakshi

Jaspreet is an accomplished HR Leader with demonstrated expertise in providing Human Capital Management solutions.He has over 17+ years in developing and deploying HR solutions aligned with business strategy, and business partnering for growth and organizational objectives. This spans the area of HR Strategy, Organizational Development, Change Management, Business Partnering, Employee Relations & Industrial Relations, leadership enablement, Performance & Total Rewards Management and hands on experience in leading and managing delivery of diverse HR/Business projects. As part of RBS India HR leadership team, Jaspreet has handled multiple roles within HR in the last 6.5 years. These include leading the transformation agenda to create an agile & technology enabled model having capability and expertise to support Business changes & delivery. In addition, he has led the set-up a world-class Regional HR Delivery centre with focus on business value, enhanced employee experience and control assurance.

Prior to RBS, Jaspreet has led organization design to support Business Strategy for Marketing, Sales and Service organizations, and cross cultural experience with clients across Americas, Asia-Pac, Europe and India. He has worked across industries such as FMCG , Hardware & Software, Educational and Training Services, Telecom and Banking. Jaspreet likes to keep himself abreast of latest trends in technology & HR and their application. He is an active member of various HR communities & regularly participates as a core working committee member,Speaker & Panel member in HR/Business events and symposiums. He is also guest lecturer at Leading business & Management schools.

Currently, He is the ‘Sr. VP HR & Regional Head- HR People Services, India’ .

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